Scriptpharm is accredited for both Pharmacy Benefit Management and Provider Networks Management.


Scriptpharm is a registered Managed Care Organisation with more than 18 years’ experience in risk management and pharmaceutical value chain optimisation through an integrated approach between the various stakeholders.

Being accredited for both Pharmacy Benefit Management and Provider Network Management, we offer our client Schemes and their members:

Prescribed Minimum Benefit Cost Containment

100% Payment for Prescribed Minimum Benefit medication by using our services and the Medical Scheme’s medicine formularies.

Hassle-Free Chronic Medication Application Process

Application for chronic medicine through a hassle-free process. We facilitate the process with your Medical Scheme and reduced chronic application waiting periods.

Accessibility and Convenience

Access to approximately 3000 accredited network providers throughout South Africa.

Formulary Medication

Your medicine benefits go further by using our cost-effective range of formulary medication. With our Drug Utilisation Review (DUR) we can ensure that you receive the most appropriate, rational and cost-effective medication for your condition.

Comprehensive Services

These services include the management of: Acute, Chronic, HIV, Oncology

Risk Management Models

Highly customisable risk management models ensuring budget certainty and sustainable savings in the short and long term.

Seamless Integration

Our risk management models integrate seamlessly with a wide range of Medical Scheme administrator and other provider operational systems.

Scriptpharm is a member of the AfroCentric Group, a black-owned, diversified investment holding company established in 2008 and listed on the JSE.

Our Clients

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