Scriptpharm is a National Pharmacy Network  comprising over 2,000 pharmacies operating throughout South Africa.

The Scriptpharm network is contracted to numerous Medical Schemes, as either a
Designated Service Provider (DSP) or a Preferred Provider (PP).

This means that members of the contracted Medical Schemes can in some instances ONLY use a ScriptPharm pharmacy for their supply of medicines, and in other instances where ScriptPharm is a Preferred Provider, members are encouraged to use the pharmacy network as the providers have agreed to the Scheme’s specific reimbursement and professional/dispensing fee.  Members who use non-contracted providers may have to make a co-payment from their own pockets should they voluntarily choose to use a non-contracted pharmacy.  Non-contracted pharmacies sometimes charge more than the Scheme’s agreed fee and this then impacts on the member.

Should you as a member need guidance on selecting a pharmacy provider in your area, and who is contracted to your scheme, please call our Call Centre and a consultant will assist you in making a decision that is suitable to you and your needs.


Nedgroup – all options – PMB and chronic – chronic medicine pre-authorisation, DSP network management (excludes HIV network management).

Polmed – DSP network for chronic (includes HIV) and Acute and OTC for 2021

Bonitas – 2021 – change in network status from Preferred Provider Network to DSP network arrangement – applicable to Chronic and Acute & OTC for 2021

What the Scriptpharm Network can offer you:

Chronic & Acute

Chronic and Acute medication based on the relevant medical scheme's medicine formulary.

Formulary Medication

Scriptpharm users have access to Scriptpharm's cost-effective range of formulary medication.

Free Advice

Free advice and information on medication from the Scriptpharm Pharmacists.

Medical Information

Ongoing information about medical conditions is available to all Scriptpharm users.

Reminder: Nedgroup Scheme arrangement for 2021 Pharmacy Direct continues to be the sole Designated Service Provider for the Nedgroup Hospital Network Plan for 2021

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