Scriptpharm Risk Management ensures that oncology medicine expenditure is optimised while still ensuring that the patients receive the care they need.


Scriptpharm Risk Management (SRM) is the only accredited managed care organisation that has a proven track record in the industry for managing risk pertaining to oncology medicine management services.

SRM’s managed care programs aim to first and foremost allow:

  • access and ensure superior and quality healthcare to the Scheme’s valuable members
  • control medical expenditure
  • promote appropriate dispensing habits and patterns
  • identify and control clinical risk
  • analyse data to provide useful outcomes and valuable information
  • practice evidence- based medicine

As an integral part of the dedicated team caring for our members, we encourage oncology providers to make use of the preferred product list and be cognisant of the network arrangements to limit the out-of pocket expenses of members.

Medicine Price List

The oncology medicine price list (MPL) which was introduced in 2020 has been reviewed and updated for the 2021 benefit year. The MPL is a list of the most cost-effective, genericised medicines that are available in the market.

For the classes of oncology medicines that have preferred products listed, a reference price co-payment will apply should non-preferred products be prescribed. The the member will be held liable for difference between dispensed product price and the reference price.

The list of preferred oncology medicine products including the NAPPI codes, is available to download below.

Participating Schemes

The preferred product list and oncology pharmacy network arrangements apply to the following Medscheme administered schemes:

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Network Arrangements Questions

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