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Covers a broad spectrum of issues related to allergies, asthma and immunology.
Web Directory for easy access to physician and consumer-focused healthcare information.
The A to Z of allergies, helpful hints, and frequently asked questions relating to allergies in general.
An in-depth page relating to cancer specific information and information centers.
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Your gateway to a wealth of information from the Alzheimer’s association
Your gateway to a wealth of information from the Alzheimer’s association.
Information on Alzheimer’s for caregivers, Healthcare providers and patients.
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Discusses chest pains and it relates to your heart condition.
Covers matters relating to angina and the heart.
A health information site with a spectrum of ailments and diseases.
The Daily Apple gives you ways to improve and take active control of you health.
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An in-depth look at anxiety and related conditions.
An anxiety-symptom checklist from the Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment.
Frequently asked questions and answers from the Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment.
Stress Busters – Basic ideas on how to reduce stress in the workplace.
National Institute of Mental Health Home Page. All you need to know about anxiety disorders and panic attacks.
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A health and fitness page dedicated to Arthritis patients.
Covers issues relating to arthritis, including symptoms and treatment from the Arthritis Foundation.
The most up to date news reports and general information for patients with arthritis.
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Information for mothers of asthmatics and an overall guide for caregivers and patients with asthma from the Allergy and Asthma Network.
A user friendly and practical approach to explaining common medical conditions.
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Bipolar Disorder
The South African Bipolar site, includes support groups , articles and links to mental health sites.
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An hourly review on medical research, cancer journals, research breakthroughs and new cancer treatments.
Cancer Information and Support, an overall information directory.
A specialized site with active links to events, newsletters and information with regards to cancer.
University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Research driven patient care and educational programs.
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Cerebral Palsy
The Disability Organization in England whose Focus is on people with cerebral Palsy.
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A site dedicated to Cholesterol, which is purely educational with articles, diet regimes and facts related to Cholesterol.
A site map with links to Specialized Cholesterol sites on the Web.
An intensive page jammed with all you would want to know about Cholesterol which is linked to other Health care sites.
This website deals with health and Specialized ailments, and is packed with interesting articles, links, facts and features.
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An assortment of articles on diagnosis, treatments, research and personal experiences all related to Major Depressive Disorders.
The nation’s voice on mental illness and major depression, including symptoms and treatment.
A broad look at the different forms of depression from the National Institute for Mental Health.
A central clearing house for all types of depressive disorders and most effective treatments.
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This material is targeted to an audience of trained clinical Dermatologists.
An in-depth look at skin diseases.
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The A to Z in health issues with easy to use drop down screens and interesting articles.
Diabetes information from the National Diabetes Education Program.
On-line support for kids, families and adults living with Diabetes.
Care and commitment to Diabetes from the American Diabetes Association.
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Disease Associated with Travel
Prevention and treatment of diseases related to traveling in all regions. Includes outbreaks, vaccinations, food, water and special requirements.
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Drug Information
US Food and Drug Administration Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. Information sheets based on medicines package inserts.
Search by Drug name for information, a wide range of drug/medicine related articles, both topical and relevant.
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Drug Manufacturers
Corporate Website for Abbott Laboratories.
Adcock Ingram product information site.
Corporate Website for Astra Zeneca.
Corporate Website for Bristol-Myers Squibb.
Corporate Website for Boehringer Ingelhiem.
Corporate Website for Jassen-Cilag.
Corporate Website for Eli Lilly and Company.
Corporate Website for Novartis.
Corporate website for Aspen Pharmacare.
Corporate Website for Roche.
Corporate Website for GlaxoSmithKline.
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Answers to frequently asked questions relating to epilepsy.
A range topics, services, research and treatments from the Epilepsy Foundation.
General information relating to epilepsy from the National society for Epilepsy.
Discusses the possible causes of seizure disorders in children and general guidelines and modules on how to cope with the condition.
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General Health
A Web Directory, with links to specific medical issues and Ailments and Disease states.
Discovery Health’s website, for general health and fitness information.
A medical forum site with Consumer Health Information Library.
A comprehensive guide to health matters in general as well as topical and social health issues.
Health issues in general, including medication, health, disease, supplements and natural medicine.
Patient information on a wide range of diseases, symptoms and lifestyle changes.
A user-friendly and practical approach to common medical conditions.
A broad outlook on disease conditions, health information and treatment.
Covers all male issues ranging from health to household tips.
The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy; Seventeenth Edition.
The Merck Manual – complete, in-depth information on health issues.
This website covers all issues surrounding alternative medicine, including astrology, palm reading and related issues.
A complete source for Nutritional Information.
A Web Directory for easy access to physician and consumer-focused healthcare information.
A Master Index of Diseases and Conditions. New topics are added regularly.
The World Health Organization site, with health-related topics from A to Z.
Covers a wide range of issues related to women and women’s health.
A to Z approach to family health and well being in both English and Afrikaans.
A comprehensive interactive site with Health Care Professionals.
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Bleeding Disorders: a complete with treatment guides, health tips, medical news and ‘Ask the Experts’ portal.
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AIDS information and statistics from the Department of Health.
This site looks at HIV/AIDS; the facts, impact, calculating the cost, economic consequences and impact on the youth.
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Cardiovascular Institute of the South search site, for related cardiovascular events.
Research articles related to High Blood Pressure.
High blood pressure risk factors, complications and treatments.
Information for all ages on diabetes care, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, and how it affects your life.
Latest medical news and information related to the diagnosis of Hypertension.
Tips on all health matters and ailments in general.
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Sleep/Insomnia Program, with a range of articles and publications based on sleep disorders.
Everything you wanted to know about sleep but were too tired to ask.
To cure your Insomnia, a range of hints, tips and a guide to a peaceful night’s sleep.
Six ways to beat Insomnia, with a step by step guide to a good night’s sleep.
A collection of methods to encourage you to sleep off insomnia.
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Global networking against malaria, the facts , figures and advise.
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Medicine Package Inserts
Easy access to drug information by trade name, generic name or classification of drug with South African Electronic Package Inserts.
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A range of articles and ailment links to Disease Education Networks.
Everything you need to know about menopause and other women’s health issues.
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Parkinson’s Disease
The Parkinson’s Center of Oregon, dedicated to enlightenment of Parkinsonism.
In-depth information on Parkinson’s Disease.
All you need to know about Parkinson’s Disease, from the Parkinson’s Association South Africa.
A web page with hyperlinks to issues surrounding Parkinson’s.