What is Drug Utilisation Review (DUR)?
How many repeats may the doctor issue on my prescription?
How do I change from a brand-name medicine to a generic medicine?
Are generic medicines as safe as the original product?
Why are brand-name medicines more expensive than generic medicines?
What are generic medicines?
What is the legislation on Generic Medicines and how will this effect me?
What is the new medicine scheduling status and how will this affect you?
What is a co-payment?
What is a medicine formulary?
What is a Designated Service Provider (DSP)?
What are the chronic conditions listed on the PMB Chronic Disease List?
What are Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB’s)?
What is a single Exit Price (SEP)?

Nedgroup Scheme Update 2019: Pharmacy Direct is the sole Designated Service Provider for the Nedgroup Hospital Plan

If Hospital Plan members use a non-DSP there is a 25% co-payment which the member will be liable for.

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